​​Little Scholars Academy

Nurturing Individual Excellence!

Full Day Kindergarten
Little Scholars Academy offers a true full day of Kindergarten.
Our Kindergarten students are engaged daily in a highly academic experience through our accelerated curriculum and small class sizes. Our curriculum teaches Language and Literacy through Phonics, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art. Our students also participate in Computers, Music, Physical Education and Spanish.
We are excited to be a stepping stone to your child’s bright academic future!

Advantages to Private Kindergarten
Many of the public school districts are only offering half day Kindergarten and parents are required to pay for a full day. Unfortunately, this causes a significant gap in their daily learning as they are required to transition to an afternoon class and many times another set of classmates. By enrolling your child in a “true full day” of Kindergarten they are able to receive a higher level of continuity of education, which is vital during this very important year of school. Other advantages of our program are that breakfast, lunch and snack are offered at no extra cost and we offer before and after school care.

Kindergarten Requirements
Students must turn 5 by September 1st.
Students who turn 5 by December 31st are eligible to take an entrance exam for admittance into the kindergarten program and will be enrolled based on availability.

Please refer to the "Schedules/Tuition" page for information regarding tuition costs.